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Can the next killer app be in your portfolio?

Nothing can stop the growth of mobile devices. And the surge of mobile apps and the cloud computing, AI and automation that support them.

The App Economy has proven it is a pandemic-proof, inflation-proof and recession-proof megatrend.

According to Statista, apps are on track to rake in $437.83 billion this year alone. And the unicorns of tomorrow are on sale today…

Silicon Valley executive and investor Bertrand Seguin has beaten the market by spotting disruptors. He bought AMD at $10, Match Group at $11 and Apple at $27.

He now sees an undervalued market that is full of similar opportunities. Follow Bertrand’s portfolio at The App Economy and discover current tech bargains, including possibly the next killer app.

And for a limited time, you’ll save 57% off the regular price when you sign up for the service.

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